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Hot Standby with 2610 routers

I have 2 2610 routers and 1 T1 connection. I want to set them up using HSRP andwould like to know how to connect both routers to the single T1 connection.

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Re: Hot Standby with 2610 routers


I do not believe that there is any way to connect two routers to the same end of a single T1. You might be able to set up HSRP on the LAN interfaces, but I wonder what advantage that would have since only 1 of the routers would have the link to outside. I guess that you could do HSRP and manually switch the T1 connection. Or perhaps if you want to use 2 LAN connections on each router you could configure one LAN interface with HSRP as the interface where users would connect and the second LAN as a direct connection between the 2 routers. That way if the user LAN interface on the active router became unavailable the traffic might flow to the backup router and then over the second LAN to the router with the WAN connection. But that is a pretty complicated setup for minimal improvement in my opinion.



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Re: Hot Standby with 2610 routers

That's what I thought. Thanks for the info Rick.

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Re: Hot Standby with 2610 routers

Hi glenn,

Rick right explained, we cant configure HSRP on both routers with single T1, you need to manually change T1 connection when primary router unavailable.

Why don't you take another T1 connection for better redundant.



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