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How can we suggest Bandwidth.

How can we suggest bandwidth for a new upcoming site .. I mean what is the actual term for calculation of B/W required for users..


Re: How can we suggest Bandwidth.

Not much calculation there. It's more a business decision.

You can make calculations like x seats using application y requiring z Kbyte/s per seat.

But this usually doesn't mean very much as almost all traffic is bursty.

Best thing I think you can do is look at the expected number of people on the new site and try and compare with a site that is doing more or less the same thing in terms of applications.

The ratio in people will be the ratio in bandwidth required.

But as upgrading bandwidth is very expensive it might be a good idea to over dimension a bit.

good judgement comes from experience

experience comes from bad judgement



New Member

Re: How can we suggest Bandwidth.

Any other way also for that..

Cisco Employee

Re: How can we suggest Bandwidth.

I don't think there's really any calculation to determine what you need, but you could do a network baseline to determine what you are currently using. This might give you an idea of where you are now and then you could do some capacity planning and taking in consideration:

1) future growth

2) any bandwidth intensive applications that will be used

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