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How do I change the NAT Type on my modem?

How do I change the NAT Type on my modem? I have a Cisco DPC3827 modem and I occasionally do some online gaming. Well I recently have been having issues with online play and I checked my network settings and seen that my NAT Type is set to Type 2 (Moderate). I need to change that to Type 1 (Open) but I do not know how to go about doing that. Please Help!

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Is this Xbox had same issue ,

Is this Xbox had same issue , didn't open up NAT so wide , just port forward to below ports instead should work

If its not that you should see a NAT section in your  device can you post what you see it should be just a drop down menu to drop it to moderate , as well can be the firewall set to strict could be causing it either

The Xbox Live service uses UDP ports 88 and 3074 as well as TCP port 3074

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I do not know exactly what u

I do not know exactly what u mean by moderate and open im guiessing this would mean that u need to open some ports in order for the game data to come through your modem.

Check which ports are needed then go into your router/modem and open those ports.

If this does not help please provide me with a configuration and what "error" or message you get!


Dude this is not a modem

Dude this is not a modem issue.
As what i understood on those NAT types, simply put it, your end has been NATed twice why? Well, you are a home user, i presume and you do not own a public IP address

and you cant change the NAT Type, that NAT Type is just how the Gaming software sees itself from the console to the internet

And also, wrong page dude, try to post your concern in the gaming community page.
Though, as per my experience,just enable UPnP on your ROUTER (not modem)

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