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How do Iremove LMS portal?

On CW LMS 3.1, I have 3 portals

1. My Portal

2. Ciscoworks Portal

3. LMS

Can I delete it it? If yes, how?



Re: How do Iremove LMS portal?

It is possible to disable the portal. 

Here are the steps :

1. remove nmsroot/setup/ (where nmsroot is the folder where
ciscoworks is installed ex : /opt/CSCOpx/)
2. Change the :PGOMREDORECTURL to /cwhp/ in
regademon.xml file.

Stop and restart the deamons. (net stop crmdmgtd / net start crmdmgtd under windows)

I suggest you to keep an archive of and the previous
regdaemon.xml before modification.
Make sure the regdaemon is still owned by casuser. (ls -l on
Cisco Employee

Re: How do Iremove LMS portal?

I would strongly caution against doing this.  Removing the file could break future LMS patches, and disabling the Portal (these steps do not actually remove Portal) would render LMS unsupported by TAC.

In reality, there is not a supported way to remove the LMS Portal.  It is a base requirement of the suite.

Re: How do Iremove LMS portal?

Doing so is at your own risk, and that is the procedure to disable the portal as I said earlier. So make sure you have backups.

However, be advised if you have a support contract, TAC will not refuse to assist you.

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