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How does RME 4.0.6 pull a config from an ASA5550?

I'm having difficulty pulling configs from our ASA's. I teamed up with an engineer to figure out why and he came up with:

"...the issue is someone has placed a “tftp-server” command in the config. This commands allows people to do a “wr net” and it will then take the parameter from the tftp-server command and inputs it into the “wr net”. Setting the IP address and directory\file_name.

You can only have one “tftp-server” so when you attempt to sent the config to another ip address by doing a “wr net ip_addr:filename, it concatenates with the “tftp-server” command. Creating a bogus location. If there were no “tftp-server” command it would allow a command line input and thus allow multiple locations. But would eliminate the use of only a “wr net”.

I don't think there is a way to over ride the “tftp-server” command, other than remove it..."

I can see where this makes sense so is it the only option? RME has ssh access so how does it use that access? Does it log in and do a "wr net"?

Cisco Employee

Re: How does RME 4.0.6 pull a config from an ASA5550?

RME will log into the ASA with SSH, and issue a show running command. It will then scrape the screen to get the config.

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