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How to archive data before deleting a device

What do other people do before deleting a device from CiscoWorks?

For example, in our network, we upgrade devices from time to time (as I presume all people do). The new device gets added, and we we remove the old device.

What do people do to archive data from CIscoWorks prior to deleting it from the database?

For example, I would like to archive the last copy of the config, and the IOS running on the device, and maybe a history of events that it generated recently.

Can this be done somehow from within CiscoWorks, or is it a serious of manual steps, or dont people bother?



Cisco Employee

Re: How to archive data before deleting a device

The software image will always be retained in SWIM (provided you have imported it into your repository). The latest config can be backed up by copying the shadow directory files for this device. The shadow directory can be found under NMSROOT\files\rme\dcma\shadow on Windows and /var/adm/CSCOpx/files/rme/dcma/shadow on Solaris. You will find files under this directory tree that correspond to your device's name. Back all of them up.

Finally, to get syslog messages for the device, you can run a syslog report in RME, then export that, or simply do periodic syslog backups to files under RME > Admin > Syslog > Set Backup Policy. To get DFM alerts and events for the device, go to DFM > Fault History, run a report, and export that report.

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