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How to capture CISCO Switches / Routers CPU Utilization in MRTG


I’m using CISCO Switches / Routers and wanted to capture the CPU Utilization of those devices in MRTG. Can anyone help me to get step by step information. Please.!

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For Any information like CPU

For Any information like CPU or Memory, you need to setup connectivity and communitcation between devices :

                   MRTG <------L2/L3 Network/Security------->Cisco Devices

Following is what you should do to manage and get CPU utilization :

1. Install and setup MRTG and add devices in it to manage.

2. Configure device for SNMP.

3. Configure you FireWalls to allow SNMP traffic (Port 161/162) between MRTG and device.

4. Configure pollers/jobs in MRTG to collect CPU utilization.


Following is the guide which can help you for what OIDs are required for CPU utilization via SNMP:




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Thanks Vinod..!I already have

Thanks Vinod..!

I already have MRTG installed and monitoring link bandwidth utilization. Now, Wanted to capture the CPU utilization for those devices.  Can i know the configuration detail needs to be applied in MRTG / Routers or Switches.

Provided URL don't have much detailed configuration needs to be done at both the side (MRTG / CISCO Devices). Please.



Cisco Employee

I am not sure about MRTG

I am not sure about MRTG configurations and hopefully other community members can share if they have MRTG experiences.

The document was shared from SNMP standpoint on what OIDs and MIBs are required to get CPU utilization from cisco devices.

As far as snmp community strings (SNMP v2c) or  password (SNMP v3) are configured properly. Which is not much of task.

You should check with MRTG support site as well for MRTG configuration. Check one of the exiting thread :



-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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