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how to change the password

I have big number of routers/switches and I need to see how I can change the password on all of them by creating script or something. I am not a programmer and do not know where to start or how to implement the change.. my question is any idea how to change the passwords w/ out going to one by one..


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Re: how to change the password

If you don't want to write scripts to change the passwords then I would say 3rd party is the way to go. There is a plethera of password management products. The one that called me last was manageengine (not that it would be what you want but it's an example). If it's only a one time thing I would probably do it manually or write a script but if you have to do it regularly then 3rd party password management seems like a good way to go.

You might also want to consider radius/tacas as a long term solution where password management would be done through an ldap such as active directory and support more of a single-sign-on environment.

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Re: how to change the password

ok thanks. I would rather learn how to do it by writting a script then using 3rd party ..I am sure it will come handy one day..

Thanks for the info

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