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how to connected mgmt port on switch 2960 -XR

Hi guys,


I need of a technical support  to resolve a issue with some Switch 2960-XR and its MGMT Port installed on our infrastructure.

I'd like to reach it via ssh connection to management them from a remote station (my PC), some guides found on Internet suggested me to use a extenal Hub/switch and a PC dedicated for that like this:


|SW1 mgmt port|------|H|

|SW2 mgmt port|------|U|-------- PC

|SW3 mgmt port|------|B|


I've also tried to patch the mgmt port on a port tagged with a management VLAN but it's not worked.

I ask you if there is a way to reach that SW using mngt port  without use another external SW, thanks in advance for your support 



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riccardomagrini, The external



The external switch connected to the management port would be used for out of band (separate from the data network). You can also configure the switch for telnet/ssh on the inband (data) network. This would be configured as you would on any other router/switch platform without management port.

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Our network is hybrid, we

Our network is hybrid, we have CIsco Sw and IBM Sw.

For the IBM solution the configuration of mgmt port is inband (data) and use an interface called IP2 where assigning an IP address we can manage via ssh the sw. In this case we've created a dedicated Vlan 15 and assigned as IP to the interface IP2. 

In Cisco Sw the only ways I know is either to create a dedicated Vlan with an IP or using Out of band, but in this case I've to use an external Sw.

Which is the best solution to have the management port on Cisco Sw without to use out of band?



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You have two options:You

You have two options:

  1. You could connect the management port to that vlan 15 and assign an ip to it like a routed interface.
  2. Create an svi on vlan 15 with an ip address on that subnet and configure "ip default-gateway x.x.x.x" pointing to the router on that segment. Of course have a port on that vlan going to the router.
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what do you mean with the

what do you mean with the first one?

I've already assigned an IP to mgmt port but inside the interface command is not present switchport to assign the vlan.

I've also tried to patch using an ethernet cable the mgmt port to a network port tagged vlan15 in access mode but nothing.....

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On the first one you wouldn't

On the first one you wouldn't use the management port. Use another switchport.



You cannot assign a vlan to the management port because it is not a switchport. The management port will act as an end host. The only thing you need to do is connect that port to a switchport on vlan 15 or directly to a router as long as there is access to the and put an ip on it like this:

interface FastEthernet0
 ip address


You should be able to ping the DG afterwards.

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I've already tried to connect

I've already tried to connect the mgmt port to a access port (configurated it in switchport access mode and tagged with vlan15 ) on the same SW , both ports are in up state without problems.... but nothing, I can't able to ping that from my remote PC.



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thanks for that link it's

thanks for that link it's really interested.

It'll be the next step I'd like to make that to manage the full infrastructure, but it doesn't resolve my problem sorry.

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