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How to enable the "SNMP TRAP" Funcation in Prime Infrasructure 2.0 for receiveing the Third Party Device's SNMP TRAP

I already uploaded the third party device's MIB to PI2.0,  but could not recive the third party device's SNMP TRAP properly .

what do I need check for the PI ? or what do I need to setup for the PI?









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Traps are enabled on the

Traps are enabled on the devices. So you would have look into the third party device's documentation to find how traps are enabled on that device. Prime just acts a trap receiver for these devices. If the MIB's are there, PI should be to translate them & present it.

You can see all the traps received under PI server in /opt/CSCOlumos/logs/ncs_nb.log file.

You will need to check what traps your devices are configured to send to PI server and then you can check if the corresponding MIBs are installed in Prime or not.



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Hi Vinod, It's great to know

Hi Vinod,


It's great to know traps are properly logged on the prime server.

Please correct me if I understand the following incorrectly.

I guess what you are saying is:

If the right mibs are loaded in cisco prime it can translate the traps into events?

So my question is where do I install these trap mibs in prime, and where can I see what mibs are already installed.

So far I only found where I can add mibs for snmp polling.

Not for turning traps into events.







Cisco Employee

Hi ,Cisco PI has a trap

Hi ,

Cisco PI has a trap forwarding function;  named as "Notification Receiver", and while it should be pretty self-explanatory, there is no entry for it in the documentation :

The CISCO-WIRELESS-NOTIFICATION-MIB has to be loaded into the third party trap receiver
(i.e. Netboss, in this instance). The MIB can be downloaded from Wireless Software
Center's NCS 1.1.0



hope it will help




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