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How to get device name in Ciscoworks inventory

I don't have a DNS server in my network. I have to add Cisco routers in Ciscoworks inventory using the IP address. I have used other NMS and they automatically get the device name after getting added to inventory. But with Ciscoworks thats no the case. If I look at any detail in Resource manager it gives me an option to get the details using the IP address.

I am just wondering if there is any way via which Ciscoworks shows device name instead of IP address.

Thank you.


Re: How to get device name in Ciscoworks inventory

A local hosts file is the only way you'll get that to work. Other NMS systems use the sysname OID, but Ciscoworks uses only IP address or DNS name.

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Re: How to get device name in Ciscoworks inventory

What version of RME are you using?

I'm using RME 3.5, bundled in LMS 2.2. We are using DNS servers, however AFAIK RME 3.5 only uses IP addresses within the application. A host file will not help. You can run reports to get more device detail, but the GUI uses only IP's. Other applications within the bundle, DFM or Campus Manager, can be configured to use Display or System names.


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