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How to monitor an E1 interface configured for MGCP with SNMP?


I need to get the number of active channels on a couple of E1 interfaces via SNMP (Both E1 channels connect a Cisco 2811 with a PBX) The E1s are in a VWIC-2MFT-E1 on a 2821 router.

The interfaces config is as follows:

controller E1 0/2/0

framing NO-CRC4

pri-group timeslots 1-31 service mgcp

controller E1 0/2/1

framing NO-CRC4

pri-group timeslots 1-31

When I do a walk with the SNMP Object isdnBearerOperStatus (, i get the status of each channel, but the real status is only shown in the non-mgcp configured interface. In the mgcp configured interface I get all the channels in the "idle" state.

(Although I am sure at least one of those channels is up!).


For the first interface:

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.46 = INTEGER: idle(1)


ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.74 = INTEGER: idle(1)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.75 = INTEGER: idle(1)

For the second interface:

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.109 = INTEGER: idle(1)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.110 = INTEGER: idle(1)


ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.132 = INTEGER: idle(1)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.133 = INTEGER: idle(1)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.134 = INTEGER: active(4)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.135 = INTEGER: active(4)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.136 = INTEGER: active(4)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.137 = INTEGER: active(4)

ISDN-MIB::isdnBearerOperStatus.138 = INTEGER: idle(1)

Also, while using the object cpmActiveDS0s ( I get weird results:

for the mgcp interface I get a value of 0, and for the second interface i get a value of "7704".

I also tried to get some info via SNMP from the callmanager, using the CISCO-CCM-MIB.

The object ccmGatewayInfo (. returns some global status info about the trunk, but the object ccmGatewayTrunkInfo (. does not return any result.

Does anyone know the correct way to monitor channel status on a MGCP interface?




Re: How to monitor an E1 interface configured for MGCP with SNMP

you can use the 'PERFMON' utility within windows on the CCM server that has the gateway registered. or you can use the RTMT that ships with CCM.

(is this gateway ccm based or cme?)

if CME based, then you can use cisco ITEM or its successor, IPM 2.0. (may be costly)

also, cisco Network Assistant may have some features you can use. since it is free from cisco at:

(requires cco login)

(i haven't tried NA to view mgcp gateways)

if all else fails, be sure you have the latest operational MIB(s) for your needs.

get your latest cisco MIBs from:

New Member

Re: How to monitor an E1 interface configured for MGCP with SNMP


I need to do the query exclusively by snmp, because the intention is to do a usage graph with mrtg.

The gateways is ccm based.

About the MIBS, I already downloaded the latest versions to do the tests i detailed.



New Member

Re: How to monitor an E1 interface configured for MGCP with SNMP

Hi Ariel,

I'm trying to do the same as you but using a 3845 and CCM 6.1 and service mgcp.

Did you manage to get some useful information with snmpwalk?

I'm getting weird results using some OIDs, but the OID cpmISDNCfgBChannelsInUse ( give me the total of used channels but I would like to know per E1.



New Member

Re: How to monitor an E1 interface configured for MGCP with SNMP


My original question was about CCM4.1, and at that time, i understood that the only way to monitor an MGCP gateway is through the Callmanager, as he is the oly entity that knows the actual status of the E1 Channels.

The only way to monitor this is through PERFMON.

I'm sorry, but if there is a workaround, i do not know it.