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How to monitor interface rate-limit exceedance


does anybody know if an ios router can send traps if interface level rate-limit thresholds (like "rate-limit input access-group 110 3000000 10000 10000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop") are exceeded?

Am I right that the normal snmp agent does not include support for the rate-limit feature (like the normal "snmp-server enable traps <feature>" commands)?

Further on, does anybody know where I can find the OIDs or variable names for the below shown conformed and exceeded packet and byte counter so that we can monitor them with our nms?


router#sh int gi0/1 rate-limit



matches: access-group 110

params: 3000000 bps, 10000 limit, 10000 extended limit

conformed 5965M packets, 394170M bytes; action: transmit

exceeded 48678137 packets, 3191M bytes; action: drop

last packet: 4ms ago, current burst: 60 bytes

last cleared 1y24w ago, conformed 68000 bps, exceeded 0 bps

matches: access-group 111

params: 200000 bps, 4470 limit, 4470 extended limit

conformed 2600780 packets, 304394096 bytes; action: transmit

exceeded 1545 packets, 206378 bytes; action: drop

last packet: 512417216ms ago, current burst: 0 bytes

last cleared 1y24w ago, conformed 0 bps, exceeded 0 bps


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Re: How to monitor interface rate-limit exceedance

Don't know about the SNMP trap, but the CLI-equivalent stats may be found in ccarStatTable of CISCO-CAR-MIB:

As far as alerting, EEM comes to mind, in the absence of built-in SNMP trap:

event manager environment trapThreshold

event manager applet cCarQoSappletName

event snmp oid get-type exact entry-op ge entry-val poll-interval


action #.#

action #.# snmp-trap cCarQoStrapName "ccarStatHCFilteredPkts exceeded $trapThreshold"

Then, in order to generate EEM-generated SNMP traps, configure in IOS:

snmp-server enable traps event-manager

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