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How to send an instant alert via LMS 4.2.4 when a new machine is connected


I have LMS version 4.2.4 installed and I discovered my network. 

All is ok. Now I want that LMS send me notification by mail when a new (foreign) machine is conected to my network.


Is it possible and How to do it via GUI ?

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Hi ,the only way I can think

Hi ,

the only way I can think of , is sechduling the device discovery (Inventory > Device Administration > Discovery > Schedule)

in that you will have an option to specify the email address. you will be notified by LMS whenever LMS discovery get completed with the deatils about the "newly added devices"




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I think that you are looking

I think that you are looking for the Dynamic User Tracking function.  I am looking at the Admin user guide trying to figure out how to do this.  I enabled trap forwarding from fault management and now I am trying to determine what I need to do on the switches.  Appendix E describes "Commands to Enable MAC Notification Traps onDevices".  The manual states "The list of commands that needs to be run on the devices are stored on the built-in XML file namely, MACCommands.XML in a hierarchical manner."  Ok... huh?  Where is this file located?  How is it used?  I didn't find it in the template center.  I also did a search within the CSCOpx directory and I came up empty.


Has anyone been successful getting dynamic user tracking and mac notification working correctly?



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