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HREAP vs Flex Connect

Hi everybody!

I just want to know the difference between HREAP and Flex Connect, or is it only a branding issue?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: HREAP vs Flex Connect

Hello Ana,

here are some of the new HREAP now rebranded  Flex Connect enhancements.

FlexConnect Efficient AP Upgrade

A FlexConnect Efficient AP upgrade feature enables administrators to  effectively perform AP upgrades. With this feature, one FlexConnect AP  of a particular model per branch office acts as a master and downloads  the image from a controller, other APs of the same model in the branch  pre-download the AP image from the master.

With this feature you enable local distribution of software images from  the master to other APs in a branch which speeds up the upgrade and  minimizes traffic over the WAN.

FlexConnect ACLs

You can filter client traffic that is locally switched on the  FlexConnect access point which enables protection and integrity of  locally switched data traffic at the FlexConnect access point.

FlexConnect AAA Override

This feature allows you to dynamically assign VLANs for locally switched clients on a FlexConnect access point.

FlexConnect-Fast Roaming for Voice Clients in a FlexConnect Group

This feature removes WAN link dependency by handling mobility events at the FlexConnect access points.

FlexConnect Peer-to-Peer Blocking

With this feature, you can block peer-to-peer communication on the WLAN  which limits vulnerabilities from insecure peer-to-peer client  communication.


for more detailed documentation about Flexconnect enhancements:


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