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HTTP Performance Measure


I would like to test the overall delay from client accessing WWW server, which would include network delay (per hop would be best) and server or application response time. I am not sure what is cousing connections to timeout,crash - HTTP server or network. Could You point a good application that I can install on client to test that. I will not be able to install any software on server :/

Thanks for any information.

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Re: HTTP Performance Measure

There are a number of applications out there to measure HTTP response time and other statistics. IPM which is part of CiscoWorks LMS could do this, providing you have IPSLA configured on the devices in between the servers (routers and switches). This probably won't install on your client due to the prereqs, but you could look at other software out there including one made by Nimsoft:

Re: HTTP Performance Measure

You can setup IP SLA on a Cisco router to get performance times for HTTP (see below link). If you also setup ICMP path Echo operation this will give you the hop by hop responce you are after.


ICP Path Echo

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Re: HTTP Performance Measure


Thanks for output, but as I mentioned before I will not be able to install any of these programs on server intself. Moreover I will not be testing it by myself need to prived with testing solution to customer. If You have any ideas, please let me know. THX

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