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HUM Enviornment temperature clarification.

Hi All,

I am running the HUM ver 1.20. In HUM live graph i am getting the graph for the enviornment temperature of the switches.

I am not getting the details of the enviornment temperature in the switches (6500/4500). for taking the report from Report management from the option Device Report.

Enabled the trap envmon in the switches..

Kindle advice


Re: HUM Enviornment temperature clarification.

These switches have mutiple temp sensors. On each card I think

Did you select the right instances?

Can you show the summary of the poller?



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Re: HUM Enviornment temperature clarification.

Hi Michael,

I am checking the 6513 switches, below is the output of the show envmon temperature.

Attaching the poller instance screen shot

CI6513HQ1401#         sh environment temperature
  VTT 1 outlet temperature: 34C
  VTT 2 outlet temperature: 35C
  VTT 3 outlet temperature: 32C
  module 1 outlet temperature: 34C
  module 1 inlet temperature: 30C
  module 1 device-1 temperature: 39C
  module 1 device-2 temperature: 35C
  module 3 outlet temperature: 35C
  module 3 inlet temperature: 30C
  module 3 device-1 temperature: 40C
  module 3 device-2 temperature: 38C
  module 7 outlet temperature: 33C
  module 7 inlet temperature: 29C
  module 7 device-1 temperature: 36C
  module 7 device-2 temperature: 36C
  module 7 asic-1 temperature: 29C
  module 7 asic-2 temperature: 29C
  module 7 asic-3 temperature: 29C
  module 7 asic-4 temperature: 29C
  module 7 asic-5 temperature: 29C
  module 7 asic-6 temperature: 29C
  module 7 RP outlet temperature: 33C
  module 7 RP inlet temperature: 33C
  module 7 EARL outlet temperature: 39C
  module 7 EARL inlet temperature: 27C
  module 8 outlet temperature: 35C
  module 8 inlet temperature: 30C
  module 8 device-1 temperature: 38C
  module 8 device-2 temperature: 39C
  module 8 asic-1 temperature: 31C
  module 8 asic-2 temperature: 30C
  module 8 asic-3 temperature: 30C
  module 8 asic-4 temperature: 30C
  module 8 asic-5 temperature: 30C
  module 8 asic-6 temperature: 31C
  module 8 RP outlet temperature: 34C
  module 8 RP inlet temperature: 35C
  module 8 EARL outlet temperature: 41C
  module 8 EARL inlet temperature: 28C
  module 9 outlet temperature: 45C
  module 9 inlet temperature: 31C
  module 10 outlet temperature: 46C
  module 10 inlet temperature: 30C
  module 11 outlet temperature: 49C
  module 11 inlet temperature: 32C
  module 12 outlet temperature: 47C
  module 12 inlet temperature: 33C
  module 13 outlet temperature: 47C
  module 13 inlet temperature: 34C

Re: HUM Enviornment temperature clarification.

In the screen shot it looks as if you take all templates into one poller.

Try with one device and one template "Environmental temp" and select the instance you want. Or all instances just to try

But I think it might take a mibwalk to see which instance matches which sensor.



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