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A device is generating these events. We have a LMS 3.1 with DFM 3.1.0.

Our device is:


Re: InsufficientFreeMemory

DFM is just reporting  what's occurring on the 6500 which is InsufficientFreeMemory and that it crossed the threshold defined for the switch. You can check the default values under DFM --> Configuration ---> Polling and Thresholds ---> Managing Thresholds ---> Select Device Type Groups ---> Switches and Hubs and edit.  From threshold category, select processor and memory settings.  This is where the current values are for the threshold the switch exceeded.  If you have modified this, reset values to default .

Below is the explaination of the event:

Description: System is running out of memory resources. Also  reported if a buffer could not be allocated because of insufficient  memory.

Trigger: Exceeded Free memory threshold

How often is this occurring ? If it's a one off, I would not be concerned.

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Re: InsufficientFreeMemory

I send a image with this events. This report cover only this month.

Re: InsufficientFreeMemory

It seems the alert is cleared after a few minutes and occurr's daily a couple times through out the month.  Most likely at that point in time, it has crossed the threshold defined in DFM and generated an alert and after a few minutes its cleared.

1. Take a look at the "show process memory" at the time when problem occurrs and the email  generated from this Alert. It should list the " %" where the % is the current free memory available.

2. One IOS bug that comes to mind is CSCso05920 which cmpCPUMemoryFree is reported incorrectly for POSIX memory but first you should verify this on the device itself by doing a "show mem" and snmpwalk.  Another is CSCsf03710 which SNMP data returned from cmpmemPool reflects only memory usage of the IOS base prcess and the the device as a whole.  Both are resolved in the 12.2.33(SXH) train per the bug.

3. If you want, from dfm NMSROOT/CSCOpx/objects/smarts/bin, do a "sm_snmpwalk --community= . This will output three files .walk, .mimic, and snap. Do this when the actual event occurs because it seems the issue clears up after four minutes.  And post the content of the alert with the e-mail notification if any to this thread.

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Re: InsufficientFreeMemory

Hi, the problem persist, so i send the information generated when the problem ocurrs.

1. Add file with the e-mail  alert, the display when run "show process mem" from CLI of box, and information when run snmpwalk from ciscoworks>devicemanager, and the final of document the e-mail when the problem dissapear.

2. Add the files when run "sm_snmpwalk --community=

This is the information you requested, would help us see what happens wtih this alert.

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Re: InsufficientFreeMemory

It is possible you are running into a bug if your cli reports different than DFM as far as total and free memory is concerned when running modular IOS on the 6500:

CSCsi10953 Bug Details        DFM need way to show Insufficient Memory correctly for Modular IOS Switc


The "show memory" on the new module IOS switch does not show the real memory usage. DFM is using the MIB to poll the exact info of "show memory" and report with the "Insufficient Memory" event.

To display memory correctly, the command "show process memory detailed" is required.

By SNMP, the 'show memory' output is retrieved by using these OIDs ciscoMemoryPoolValid, ciscoMemoryPoolUsed, and ciscoMemoryPoolFree. The total memory is always way smaller than the 'show process memory detailed'.

Using the OID cempMemPoolName from the MIB CISCO-ENHANCED-MEMPOOL-MIB will generate the right result.

DFM will need to start looking into this change. New document or release note is needed for this if a new change is not happening soon.


Set the threshold to the low value to prevent the event from generated.     

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