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New Member

Interface Errors

Can someone please help..

These are the symptoms..

Model is a 7000 series, running version 12.2

1. i have 5 interfaces connected to LNS all reporting errors at around 1-3pm and 8-10pm.

2. At the same time there is a burst of CPU Usage and memory gaps.

What could be the problem? I tried calling Dr. House he couldn't help..

Let me know

Paolo R


Re: Interface Errors


Item 1 and 2 combine is a sign of congestion to links/connections. This is one possbile problem

Do you monitor the link and CPU/Memory utilization using SNMP tools like MRTG to give you a more detailed historical usage?



New Member

Re: Interface Errors

We do use SNMP tools for network monitoring and historical usage. Are graphs show a discard in packets always after hours around 18:00 - 22:00...

When I perform a "show log" on the rounter nothing shows up no errors.

When I perform a "show interface summary", it shows the IQD is at 7.. meaning that it received 7 packets it couldn't process so discarded them. We increased the hold-queue at around 4pm to 4096 and the problem still occured.

What are you thinking??

Thanks ahead of time

New Member

Re: Interface Errors

Same times of day every day?

My first idea would be to look for anything in your company or building that happens at those times, and only those times. I've seen interference from large machinery (like in my case real-size diesel engines with a ship machine room simulator, 4 floors below) causing freak framing errors on network cabling in certain situations. A sudden peak in power beeing drawn from electric lines parallell to network cabling might cause similar results, and would possibly show up as peaks in cpu usage and memory aswell due to the overhead created by retransmissions and/or attempts to read mangled frames.

- Eirik


Re: Interface Errors

CiscoWorks LMS can cause input queue drops in certain conditions when Ping Sweep is enabled in Campus Manager's User Tracking piece.

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