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Interface Modules in CiscoWorks LMS 2.5

Is there a way to tell through CiscoWorks (like with a report) what typ of gigabit modules are in a bunch of different switches? We have the 1000Base-T and the GigaStack modules and was wondering if I can find out which switches have the GigaStack modules in them... Any Ideas?


Re: Interface Modules in CiscoWorks LMS 2.5

Hi Ken,

i cannot proof this in my small test environmet cause my "larger" switches are used for an test by my colleagues.

But i guess it might work with the RME Report Templates.

Try this:

"RME -> Reports -> Costum Report Teplates"

Press the Button "Create"

Then tick Inventory -> Next

Give a Name and use public -> Next

Have an eye on the next window:

(For the first Line of the rule you do not need a "Association")

Try for

Inventory Group: Module

Attribute: Model Name

Operator: Contains

Value: All

Press the Button Add and then next.

Confirm the last window with "Finish"

Now change to RME -> Reports -> Report Generator"

Choose as "Application" "Inventory" and in "Select a Report" scroll down the list and use the generated Report.

I guess the next window is self-explanatory.


If this does not work for you try the SNMP variables starting from OID

Us the Cisco SNMP Browser to find the correct entry for your modules:

With this information aou might write a script which triggers your switches and collect the wanted information.

I hope the first mentiones solution via RME Reports works. Maybe you are in need to play something around with the parameters.

Best regards,


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