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internet performance monitor question

tring to create voice collector on lms2.5 to detect latency, jitter. I noticed that I have to manually enter rtr responder on the routers to collect the data. Question:

1) shouldn't ciscoworks auto config this if it has rw community?

2. 2811 router doesn't support rtr responder on version :c2800nm-ipvoice-mz.123-14.T2.bin. which version supports it?


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Re: internet performance monitor question

I think it depends on what type of communication you are using. Enchanced UDP requires the command. See below from User Guide for Internetwork

Performance Monitor ver. 2.6

"The Enhanced UDP operation for Voice over IP measures round-trip latency,

packet loss, and jitter in IP networks by generating synthetic UDP traffic. The

Enhanced UDP operation sends a defined number of packets of a defined size

from the source to a target with a defined interpacket delay.

Both the source and the target must be running version 12.1 or later of the Cisco

IOS software, and the SA Agent Responder must be enabled on the target.

To enable the SA Agent Responder on the target, use the rtr responder IOS

configuration command. The packets sent out to measure jitter contain packet

sequence information, as well as sending and receiving timestamps from the

source and the Responder.

Not sure on your second question. Hope this helps.


Re: internet performance monitor question

For IPM to configure the rtr elements (on supported versions of sw) you have to initally enter in "rtr responder" in config mode for the process to begin....its just like the "ip router" command...its in the code, but not enabled by default. Don't forget to match your QoS type, TOS or DSCP to get accurate measurements.

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