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IOS upgrade on 6509 - Issues & Concerns


I need to upgrade the IOS of my 6509s from sup-bootflash:s72033-pk9sv-mz.122-17d.SXB8.bin to something that allows me enable "ssh v2" and Decnet routing/bridging.

1. Can anyone advise a suitable IOS?

2. What issues & concerns are involved in upgrading couple of them running the whole plant of 300+ users?

Thanks in advance.




Re: IOS upgrade on 6509 - Issues & Concerns

With your access, you can use the Cisco Feature Navigator to narrow down your IOS search.



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Re: IOS upgrade on 6509 - Issues & Concerns

Thanks Steve.

Can you or someone, highlight the anticipated interruptions and backout plan?



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Re: IOS upgrade on 6509 - Issues & Concerns


Are you upgrading Sup720 and MSFC?

show system highavailability

Make sure your system is sys high enabled

Step1: backup, upload the image, modify boot file...etc.

- copy currently running configs on both L2 and L3 to TFTP server

- Copy ios on L2 and L3 to ftfp server and I suggest downloading same version from Cisco site just incase there is a issue, such as CRC when you copied over to TFTP server!

- Have A FLASH CARD (make sure format the flash card and upload your new image and config for BACKUP. This doesn't required, but I definately suggest it.

- Remove/Disable all of your uplink ports

- upload the new image to flash and if you have enough space, leave the old image in flash

- modify your boot file

------ If you have 2 x sup720 ----

- upload new image on secondary image

- modify boot file

step 2: restart, apply config on L2, L3, enable uplinks, test.

- Last call :-), everything is completed on Step1? now, It is time to reboot the device.

* - if you have secondary sup720, remove it

- reset the system

- wait until system completly load and all of the modules (console the system and watch it)

- when system completely up, do; show test or show test 2 to check make sure no ERROR/S on mod and ports...etc.

- apply your old config to L2 and L3 from your backup

- access L3 and make sure all your vlans are up, *** sometimes, for some odd reasons, they do shut and you have to manually enable it

* - If everything looks OK, go next step 2A:, if not go step 2B:

Step 2A:

- insert the second sup eng (sup 720?)

- wait until the module is sync and it is on standby

- remove primary sup and again, make sure secondary back online and no issue; If everything is looking OK. You can insert back to primary Sup, when it backs online, remove the secondary .... basicly primary 1 is back online or you can leave the secondary sup... your choice.

- If everything looking OK.

- Enable uplink port and waint min or so to STP is replicating, if you have HSRP they are replicating... and start the ping your devices and check with end user

Step 2B:

I hope you never have to do this but if you.

- modify boot file to point back to old image

- reset/reboot the system

- when it back up online, check; sh test, sh test 2...etc.

- put back to old config to L2, L3

- insert the the second card and let configs are sync and modify boot file

- Remove the sup 1 and let sup 2 is active everything looking OK, for the sup card 1 become active

- enable your uplink

Additional Resources/Recommendations:

If you have SmartNet, OPEN a case and let Cisco Eng. on standby.

Cisco Links:

Good luck!

New Member

Re: IOS upgrade on 6509 - Issues & Concerns


Thanks a million for detail response.