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IOS XE missing "snmp-server hc poll xx" command

Hi, customer wants to poll some interface-counter more or less in realtime for some reasons, IOS does not update the Mib-vRiables in real-time. So the was a hidden command in "normal" IOS to change this behaviour , to force IOS to update the counters quicker. It was snmp-server hc poll value unfortunately this command is not present in IOS XE. I s there any equivalent command in IOS XE? Thx Hubert
Cisco Employee

I suppose this command is

I suppose this command is also supported in IOS-XE. When you apply this command does it gives you any error?

I am not sure if it is practical to poll devices via SNMP in real time or in very shorter duration.

This may be mostly interfaces details your customer is after, that's not how SNMP counters are designed to respond back.  IfTable counters will get updated every 10 seconds on most platforms.  So it doesn't even make any sense to poll them faster than once every 10 seconds.  There are other SNMP objects (like gauges) which are real time and will give you updated information on each poll.  There are reasons why this was designed that way, and not abiding by this can cause other much more critical problems like high CPU and each platform will have different impacts.

You can check some other performance enhancing commands (may be platform specific):

service counters max age 10
snmp-server ifmib internal cache max-duration



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command on ASR1K

got info it should be following command on ASR1K ( is undocumented as well) hw-modul subslot 0/0 statistics poll-interval 1 but I just configured it , did not test if it works so far.
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