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IPM 2.6 source add failure

when I add a specific source I got this error

Cannot add source

Check wether the source device is reachable, Read and Write community are correct and IPM processes are running.

REASON Not a known Entity

I be able to add a lot of others, I check all get the snmp debug, but have this error.

Mon Apr 07 08:37:29 2008 CEST | ditdenusrvipm01 | ConfigServer.1684 | Error | Error in verifying Agent Properties for The SNMP return Code is : 2

Please help

Gruss Steffen


Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

No answers, just some question that will allow for answer.

When you open this device in the device center, can ciscoworks talk to it?

SNMP communities are OK?

Does de device support being a source?

What IOS is on there?



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Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

He Michel

I add it only to IPM not on other places in LMS

SNMP are ok

how to know if a device suport to be a source ?

System image file is "flash:c2800nm-ipbase-mz.123-11.T2.bin

Will add it now to LMS completelly

Gruss Steffen


Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

Most devices can be a source, except some beyond end of life devices that might still be arround.

12.3T should be fine for most types of sources as the level of the SAA agent is >= 2.2.

For the source you need read and write community string as you want to program the device to do poll a responder.

Better use the devices center or management station to device view to check if communication works.



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Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

He Michel,

I have add it now completelly, I get the device detail report from device center I add also the right community string. Looks all is working without the IPM source issue

Gruss Steffen


Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

Bitte Sehr,

I haven't tried to use IPM as a standalone application as I'm scared I might find myself entering credentials for many devices. Probably with as many typing errors on my part.

For me it has to come from the DCR. ;-)

I guess the problem here was the absence of the write community string as a source needs that, where a responder doesn't.



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Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

I add it to dcr check the credential over the job, nothing wrong ro and rw are ok, its not coming up in ipm automatically, so there must be a bug in ios, based I get it on all places in lms expect ipm.

Gruss Steffen


Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

SNMP return Code 2


An agent was asked to get or set an OID that it can't find; i.e., the OID doesn't exist.

Seems like either the IOS doesn't support IP SLA or that particular version has a bug in it. Can you manually configure "ip sla monitor ###" or "rtr ###" on the command line?

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Re: IPM 2.6 source add failure

He Yjdabear,

hvt-3-buenosaires-01(config)#ip ?

Global IP configuration subcommands:

sap Global IP Multicast SAP Commands

security Specify system wide security information

source-route Process packets with source routing header options

source-track Source Tracker

subnet-zero Allow 'subnet zero' subnets

tacacs TACACS configuration commands

radius-server Modify RADIUS query parameters

random-detect-group Configure random-detect class

rbe Commands for Routing RFC 1483 Ethernet

encapsulated packets

regexp regexp commands

resume-string Define a host-specific resume string

rif Source-route RIF cache

rlogin Rlogin configuration commands

rmon Remote Monitoring

route-map Create route-map or enter route-map command mode

router Enable a routing process

Both commands are hvt-3-buenosaires-01(config)#rtr ?

% Unrecognized command

Looks like a bug.

Danke Gruss Steffen

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