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IPM in LMS 3.0.1

I am trying to setup IPM between two routers in our lab. Both of these routers have an advanced IOS on them and the responder enabled. I want to set them up to ping each other looking for a latency. When I set them up in IPM neither of them show that they have the responder turned on in LMS. Am I missing something?

Also, for basic IP Echo and latency measuring, is there a need for an advanced IOS?

Cisco Employee

Re: IPM in LMS 3.0.1

Exactly what versions of IOS are running on these devices? Please post their running configs. It would also be helpful to get the result of an snmpget on rttMonApplResponder.0 (.

You do not need adventerprise for IP SLA, but you do need something higher that IP BASE.

Hit Post too soon. If all you want to do is ping a router, you do not need the responder enabled. Simply create an IP SLA icmp-echo operation on router router to ping the other. That target device doesn't even need to be a Cisco IOS device. It could be any IP-enabled node.

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