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IPM / IPSLA trap handling


1. We are using IPM and need to send traps to a SNMP collector. We then need to process these traps for our paging/notification system. The traps we have seen to date do not give us much info from IPM. what are some common SNMP trap receivers that we can use for this?

2. What are some of the normal implementations of this to send notifications?

Cisco Employee

Re: IPM / IPSLA trap handling

1. HP OpenView Network Node Manager, Tivoli NetView, even net-snmp can process traps and convert them to things like emails, SMS, etc.

2. I'm not sure I understand this question. Implementations of what? The trap handlers, IP SLA operations, ...?

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Re: IPM / IPSLA trap handling

I have tried using solarwinds snmp receiver and another one I downloaded. The problem here is that we use BMC Patrol to tie into our remedy system for paging. The snmp traps that I am seeing have really no relevant information useful for paging, at least that I can see.

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Re: IPM / IPSLA trap handling

I found great value out of using the RTTMON Timeout and rttMonThresholdNotification traps in the past. For example

We used it in past to monitor 1 ms delays across DWDM connections. if x out y page home. Alarmed twice over a 3 year period and both times it was great it did.

To monitor MPLS connection health between shadow routers at major CE hubs to remote CEs.Here we had routing set so IPM timeout

occurrence meant no connectivity thru the secondary carrier. Hence we were in a yellow state that needed to be fixed asap since failover was now inoperable.

Just be careful with your definition that they don't cry wolf on single occurrences.

Tools like Solarwinds and NNM cannot easy parse a trap varbind to tell good state from bad in these traps but BMC patrol can.

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