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IPM issue

I am trying to use operation TCP connect on the port 80.

I dont have access to the router at the target end as it is being managed by a different company but they have configured the router to be IP sla Responder and have got SNMP read access to the router.

I do have read and write access to the router at the source end.

As it is said in the Cisco documentation that it is best to configure the target devices as SAA responder In cisco works when we are configuring collector but I cant find that option in the IPM version 4.1.0. But on the other hand that device has been added in Responder enabled Device.

I was getting results as 0 that doesnt make sense in terms of latency but on other hand I couldnt see any graphs. The graphs were showing Cross mark on the top .

Is there anything that I have missed from IPM configuration perspective?

As I cant check logs at the target end to make sure what is happening.

Is there any way I can do debugging, I can see an option in Admin < log level setting but what kind of debugging should I do ? and how much load will it put on the Cisco works server?

Cisco Employee

Re: IPM issue

The TCP connect operation (especially to port 80) is typically done to a web server, and not an IP SLA responder.  However, this should work provided either the target device is running a service on tcp/80, or you have enabled the IP SLA responder on the target device.

Since it sounds like the latter is the case, just add that responder device to DCR.  You should then see it in your list of Responder Enabled Devices in IPM.  When you create your TCP Connect Operation in IPM, be sure you enable the Control Protocol.  If you do not, and the target device is not running a service on tcp/80, the connects will fail.

You can confirm the collector is working by issuing the "show ip sla stat" command on the source device.


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New Member

Re: IPM issue

Thanks Joe.

I have started getting results for the TCP operation. The bit that I was missing in my collector was to enable the control protocol.

I am bit curious to know why is it necessary to enable control protocol and what does it do?

Cisco Employee

Re: IPM issue

The control protocol allows the source to communicate with the responder target to setup additional collector attributes.  For example, if you pick a TCP port on the target which does not have a service bound, the TCP connect will fail due to an RST.  But, with the responder running on the target, the source can send a message telling the responder to start listening on that TCP port.  Therefore, the collector probe will work.

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