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IPM Issues

Am having issue with IPM application.

IPM application can see the devices from DCR master yet IPM cannot manage these devices.

I did try to configure under collector mgt---->devices but I keep getting this error message "error in communicating with group administration server. It may be down or not yet up".

I went to IPM-->Collector mgt--->group administration to setup the administration but there was no device found. Please can someone advice on what to do to resolve this?

Secondly, what are the IP SLA commands that I need to configure on my devices to work. I already have this command on all devices "ip sla monitor".

My question is should I implement IP SLA source or target? Here is LMS deployment I already have running in my network:

Server 1: CV,RME and CS (DCR Master)

Server 2: CV,DFM and CS (DCR Slave)

Server 3: CV,CM and CS (DCR Slave)

Server 4: CV,IPM and CS (DCR Slave)

Based on this,please kindly advise on which IP SLA to use whether it`s source or target and please give reason(s),thanks.

Your comments will be deeply appreciated.

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Re: IPM Issues

Someone should please respond to my mail,thanks.

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Re: IPM Issues

Can someone please kindly look into my case and reply, please.

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Re: IPM Issues

Someone should please help me out with this.

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