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IPM Reports not exportable?

I see no option to export nor even print either the immediate reports in IPM and even when i check the report jobs we only get tabular results. I would like to export preferably pdf reports. I am sure this isn't just me noticing this.


Cisco Employee

Re: IPM Reports not exportable?

What version of IPM are you using? I just ran an immediate latency report for one of my collectors in IPM 4.1, and I see Export and Print buttons. the Export button allows me to export to CSV and PDF formats.

Community Member

Re: IPM Reports not exportable?

Sorry for the delay in responding Joe. I am using IPM 4.1

I to ran an immediate latency report and when it pulls up, yes there is an export button but it is essentially worthless as I get nothing but the following.

There seems to be no function when viewing the graph's to export as layed out. You can't even right click and copy the graph.

I like the graph page as it loads up about four windows and graphs showing latency etal but i would like this to be in a readable pdf versus what the current export (main screen) does. I do not want the tabulars, just the graphs?

Most other graphs within the other modules allow basic exporting and I just find that IPM doesn't seem to take on that roll.


Cisco Employee

Re: IPM Reports not exportable?

No, the IPM graphs are not exportable. The reason for this is that they are generated using Flash, and not HTML like other graphs.

However, you can right-click on the graph, and select "Print Graph".

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