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is enable secret required for cisco works

I am trying to do discover and snmp v1 and v2 works, but ssh says no value set, i have a value set, however we don't require an enable secret, authenticating via tacacs drops you into priv 15, just curious if this is the issue.


Re: is enable secret required for cisco works

Which version of LMS are you talking about?

"no value set" refers to the fact that in DCR the device has no value assigned for the specific item;

where do you have set the ssh credentials? Check the following:

Common Services > Device And Credentials > Device Management

select the device and click "Edit Credentials", check if the Primary Credentials are set (Username and Password);

you can also select a group of devices (like "All Devices") to change the credentials in a bulk.

If you will be set directly into priv 15, no enable password is needed;

if your LMS tasks are working fine (Inventroy Collection, Config Management) "no value set" is just an information that this item was selected for a test, but in the database (DCR) is no value - typical a "Device Credential Verification Job" produces this kind of message.

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