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.jet file extension

Ok, after google searching a ton on the .jet file extension I seriously cannot figure out how to open a .jet file. This is the standard file extension for files created in the packet capture of the device center. Can someone please teach this noob how to work with a .jet file?

Thanks and happy new year! :)

Cisco Employee

Re: .jet file extension

I created the extension to be unique and to discourage use of the packet capture utility as a general purpose sniffer. It is designed to be used purely for troubleshooting problems with LMS.

Jet files are nothing more than Ethereal/Wireshark pcap sniffer files, and can be opened in any application that understands pcap format.

Jet is an acronym for "Joe's Ethereal Tool."

Community Member

Re: .jet file extension

Wow, straight from the creator. Thanks Joe. May I ask why LMS was made this way? My System Admin. likes the feature and wants me to set it up so we can use it like Ethereal.

Cisco Employee

Re: .jet file extension

The tool was added primarily for Windows where no sniffer was available by default so that we in TAC could troubleshoot problems more easily. The idea was a customer creates a jet capture, then sends that file to TAC for analysis. I never added enough features (nor do I plan to do so) to make JET a web-based Wireshark.

Community Member

Re: .jet file extension

That makes perfect sense. I can see why you would make LMS that way. My System Admin and I are playing around with the jet capture right now and trying to figure out exactly how it's working. Is there a number I can reach you at to ask more specific questions as they come up instead of continuing this forum post? My email is



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