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JRM is in "Waiting to initialize" state


RME is in "Waiting to initialize" state after log rotation. Services are stopped during log rotation. For some time after installation everything was OK.

This happens also when I restart server or dmgtd. When I stop JRM service, wait for about 15-20 minutes and then start JRM, it starts OK, state is "Running normally". When I stop JRM and immediately start it, state is "Waiting to initialize". I tried to set log rotation delay in NMSROOT\objects\logrot\logrot.conf, but it didn't help.

What could cause the problem?

LMS 3.1 . Server is Windows Server 2003 Standart Edition SP1, runs on VMware Server 2, VMware tools installed. 2 CPU, 4096MB RAM. I have not changed hostname of the server.

jrm.log, NMSROOT\lib\classpath\, the output of the SET command from a DOS prompt and list of processes from the Service control panel are attached in zip file.

Thank you!

Cisco Employee

Re: JRM is in "Waiting to initialize" state

This server is not supported. You must be running VMWare ESX 3.0 or 3.5. The problem you're facing is performance-related. While jrm is fully initializing, it is not doing so in a timely fashion. Therefore, Daemon Manager is giving up, and marking the process as perpetually waiting.

If you upgrade to a supported VM, with enough CPU resources (i.e. at least 2.6 GHz of faster CPUs), then you should be set.

New Member

Re: JRM is in "Waiting to initialize" state

OK, I got it. Thank you!

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