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JRM service issue

I am using LMS 3.0.1 on windows 2003 service pack 2 with DFM ver 3.0.4 and facing the following problems:

1.Whenever we open RME, it shows JRM service is down. I tried to restart the JRM service many times but it stucks up at intialization stage every time( pls find the attached jrm log file for reference).

2. DCRServer and JRM service frequently goes down and comes up automatically, can you pls let me know is there any bug related to this problem and can we have any patch from your side to resolve the issue.

3. DFMCTMStartup service is not coming up, I tried it by issuing pexec DFMCTMStartup command, can you pls let me know what is the reason why different services frequently goes down and comes up by their own.

Pls let me know if you need any further information from my side and would be thankful to you if anyone could provide the permanent resolution of the instability of LMS services related issues.

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Re: JRM service issue

Please post the output of the DOS SET and pdshow commands.

According to this log, jrm is not coming up at all, so I don't see how it and DCRServer could be coming up and going down.

DFMCTMStartup may not be running in normal operation. This is nothing to worry about.

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Re: JRM service issue

Hi jclarke,

Pls find the output of pdshow and pdexec command below:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>pdshow jrm

Process= jrm

State = Running normally

Pid = 11612

RC = 0

Signo = 0

Start = 2/19/2009 2:56:21 PM

Stop = Not applicable

Core = Not applicable

Info = Server started by admin request

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>pdexec jrm

pdexec jrm - no output.

JRM service is still showing down in RME, pls find the attached CTMJRMServer log file, if you could find something relevant there.

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Re: JRM service issue

I need to see the complete pdshow output as well as the output of the DOS SET command. IT would also be useful to see the jrm.log.

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