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kiwi syslog setup :-(


I have installed Kiwi syslog server and configured the router with the following:

Logging buffered 8192 informational
Logging host 192.168.10
Logging trap debugging

But I get nothing in the kiwi syslog server.

Wireshark on the same PC shows traffic destined for the ip of the PC and containing the syslog traffic so sure that means it is getting to the PC but what might be stopping it from showing on the syslog server?

I removed the free edition and installed the eval edition as per another forum.

Can't see any other settings that might affect it but really want to get it working!

Is there another syslog server that I could use?

Many thanks

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kiwi syslog setup :-(

Run the show logging command on the router, if you see messages are being logged then you know the problem is on the kiwi syslog server side-

Router# show logging

Syslog logging: enabled

     Console logging: disabled

     Monitor logging: level debugging, 44 messages logged.

     Trap logging: level informational, 44 messages logged.

     Logging to

Re: kiwi syslog setup :-(

What os in the PC? Firewall turned on?

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