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Kiwi Syslog & VB Scripts

I have a syslog server online which is currently capturing all messages generated from our Cisco devices. What I am trying to accomplish is create a script which will run on the syslog server and when certain messages come accross like configuration changes and such it will trigger and email certain individuals. Does anyone have any documentation as I am learning scripting as I go. Or if possible does anyone have any other suggestions on setting this up.

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Re: Kiwi Syslog & VB Scripts

It sounds like you are running the freeware version (so am I). The licensed version includes the functionality you are after and may be the best solution.


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Re: Kiwi Syslog & VB Scripts

Actually I run the licensed version. I know the full version gives you the ability to create filters and run scripts to complete this task. I actually made it work using the Complex Filters that the full version gives you. I was just looking at doing it using a script. Either way it will work. Thanks

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