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LAN Monitoring and Performance monitoring

Dear All,

I need a very urgent help on the below case-

I have a network of around 400 to 550 user nodes +

around 70 Wireless access points +

around 480 Cisco VOIP users +

cisco access/distribution/core switches +

Cisco ASA Firewall, IPS built in module with core, Cisco Security Agent with NAC and HIPS,

and voice/data gateway routers.

I need network monitoring solution for this.

A) LAN monitoring 400 nodes

B) Peformance Monitoring 400 nodes

C) Security Monitoring?

My Questions-

1) Is Cisco Security Manager would be the best tool for Security monitoring Or some other Tool?

2)CWLMS will do the Lan Monitoring and Performance Monitoring Job?

3) Are we use LMS for managing / moitoring End nodes or Cisco devices only? If it is for Cisco Device management then what is the tool for monitoring LAN User nodes?

4)What is the Tool I can use for LAN performance monitoring, it is some thing built in with CWLMS or not?

5) What is CS-MARS does?

Thanks a lot in advance for your valubale help




Re: LAN Monitoring and Performance monitoring

1) Cisco Security Manager works in conjunction with the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS). Used together, these two products provide a comprehensive security management solution that addresses configuration management, security monitoring, analysis, and mitigation.

2) CiscoWorks LMS provides network management tools for simplifying the configuration, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco networking devices.

The following URL may help you:

3) Cisco MGC Node Manager provides fault management of the devices in the Cisco MGC Node Manager node. When the Cisco MGC host detects a problem with one of its logical connections, it generates a trap. Cisco MGC Node Manager receives the trap and delegates it to the graphical object that represents that logical connection.

The following URL may help you:

4) CWLMS tool is used for LAN performance monitoring. The LMS server has some built-in security features to authenticate users and assign them to some predefined roles to perform certain tasks. For maximum security protection, we recommend LMS server be integrated with Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS).

5) The Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (Cisco Security MARS) is an appliance-based, all-inclusive solution that allows network and security administrators to monitor, identify, isolate, and counter security threats. High-performance, scalable threat-mitigation appliances fortify deployed network devices and security countermeasures by combining network intelligence with features such as ContextCorrelation, SureVector analysis, and AutoMitigate capability, empowering companies to readily identify, manage, and eliminate network attacks and maintain compliance.

The following URL may help you:

New Member

Re: LAN Monitoring and Performance monitoring

Thanks a lot for the information. I will definitely check with the URL's. The Links are so valuable and informative to me.

Once again Thanks a lot



Re: LAN Monitoring and Performance monitoring

Within one of our client sales team there is a great desire for a tool that automatically discovers the components of the client network and updates that information in a database on regular bases.

The features contained in this database the Client sales team is looking for are:

· Access bandwidth

· MPLS port speed

· Router / Switch type

· Interfaces

· Cards in the router / switch

· Other than Cisco components like firewalls, PAC and Member servers etc.

Another important feature of this or any tool should be that from this database it is able to generate a network diagram.

It should be able for client to access this info / graphical interface via the web.

Can you please suggest any available tool which can cater all these needs and can be proposed to client for procurement provided this is doable by the tool.

I would be very happy to revert back in case of any more information needed on this requirement.

waiting for your kind reply

with best regards

Pradeep Nehe

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