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Large file transfer crashes network

We have a Cisco network with two sites joined by a gigaman leased line. Whenever we try to transfer a large file (18 gigabytes) from one site to the other, many of the switches on both sites get such a backlog of traffic that the entire network is brought to a standstill. Transferring the same file to a computer on the same site does not cause a problem.

I realize this is a very general description of the problem, but can you suggest in general what I should be looking for to solve it? I'll be glad to supply more detailed info if requested. Thanks. -G.


Re: Large file transfer crashes network

You have to apply Qos for the network which will determine how much amount of traffic caneach application consume in the alloted bandwidth.

Qos configuration guide

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Re: Large file transfer crashes network


This discussion is closely related to something I am trying to accomplish as well.

My company has a 1721 router that links us to our ISP T1. The next hop up is an IDS box and then our PIX firewall.

Frequently when I download large files, our entire bandwidth (1.5Mbps) is fully utilized.

Is there a simple way to configure the 1721 to only allow 384kbps per connection?

All connections will appear as coming from our firewall, so I don't really have subnets, a VLAN, or group class upon which to differentiate. I'm hoping there is simply a global config that will limit any individual connection.

Please advise + Thanks!

Tom Watts

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