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License ambiguity after upgrade from LMS 4.0.1 to Prime 2.1


I've made at a customer the update from lms 4.0.1 to prime 2.1.

Because of the long and difficult upgrade path I have decided to make a new installation of Cisco Prime and import the devices manually and with auto discovery.

That has it all works very well.

For the upgrade I had 2 licenses: 

+ R-L-PI2X-U-K9 (LMS to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.x Upgrade) with L-L-PI2X-100-U (LMS to Prime Infrastructure 2.x Upgrade 100 Device)

+ L-PILMS42-KIT (Prime Infrastructure - LMS License Kit)

The first license works well in Prime, but second license not. It´s a LMS license and I don´t know how to install it. 

If I log in the prime I get the error message: "Warning: Base license is missing. Please install a base license"


Has it to do with that I have not followed the upgrade path and how can I fix the problem?


Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Hi ,The steps you have

Hi ,

The steps you have followed are fine so PI is a fresh install , I would say.

as you are getting the error for base license , you need to reach out to license team , they will issue the Base License for prime Infrastructure and then you can apply the Lifecycle License.




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New Member

I have opened a license case

I have opened a license case but the TAC can give me only a temporary license because of the service level. He said I need a SASU / SAU contract.

Cisco Employee

 How about installing this


How about installing this license R-L-PI2X-U-K9 after installing this temp license.




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New Member

I will forward it to our

I will forward it to our customer. They can test it. But I think that will not work, because the license R-L-PI2X-U-K9 seems to be a sheer lms license. The name of the issued license is LMS20140618xxxxxxxxxx.lic

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