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License server/ Daemon Manager is down

Thanks Joe Marcus Clarke for all the help given in this netpro forume. I was getting the same issue in which Daemon manager service is not started. I have reset casuser as per this case ref. and after that daemon manager service restarted. But While doing resetcasuser I have stop all the serveices. But in Windows services all serveices are started but while on common services > server > admin > process --- some of the services are waiting to initlalize or Program started — No mgt msgs received on some of the process. But unable loginto ciscoworks gui. So after that reset the gui password. Now when I access dfm or rme is giving me a message. Please help how to understand the problem and to resolve this issue. Also attach screen shot and log for your ref. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

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Re: License server/ Daemon Manager is down

This installation is completely corrupted.  You are missing most of your database engine daemons.  You should uninstall LMS, and reinstall it from scratch.  Once it is reinstalled, and repatched, if you have a known good data backup, you can restore it.

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Re: License server/ Daemon Manager is down

Hi JOE thanks for your help. As i earlier said I resertcasuser manually and after that it doesnot work properly. When we reset the casuser is there any posibility of this user to remove from admin group. As when we check it on cas user it was not part of admin group. When the problem reported by user as his Daemon manager service was not started during that time it self it was not a part of admin group or after reset cas user. Made the cas user as part of admin group stop all the services and reset the caseuser as randamly. After that it started working.


\setup\support resetCasuser.exe at the command prompt

You can:

1. Randomly generate the password

2. Enter the password

3. Exit.

Step 2 Enter 1, and press Enter.

Please suggeset what is the correct way to do the things. What is the difference betn randam and manual reset?

Please reply step by step process and I also rate the same. Awaiting for your reply.

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Re: License server/ Daemon Manager is down

This has gone well beyond resetcasuser.  Your installation is bad, and the only way to recover is to completely reinstall all of LMS.  You are missing LMS daemon processes, and resetcasuser would not do that (nor could it restore those processes).

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Re: License server/ Daemon Manager is down

But by doing the below step problem is resolved and now its working fine. Is the casuser should be a part of admin group.....

Below step I have done after that ciscoworks is working fine.

1. Casuser part of admin group.

2. random reset of the casuser.

Now i hve a dought how it works.

my question Is it due to casuser part of admin group or due to random password reset.

second is what is the best method to reset cas user.

Re: License server/ Daemon Manager is down

as jclarke said, manually change any settings for casuser is a really bad idea in almost any case, to get an overview of the state of your current installation you should provide the following:

- a COMPLETE output of pdshow - what you provided in your first post is only a part

- the output of these commands



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Re: License server/ Daemon Manager is down

The pdshow is definitely missing processes, but I didn't see the typical indication that it was truncated.  If it is, yes, post the FULL pdshow output.  As it stands now, there are critical daemons missing which would account for the rest of the processes being down.

Re: License server/ Daemon Manager is down

I thought it is truncated because "CWProcess.JPG" shows NetShowMgr as the last process with #48 and the list is still not at the end (slider on the right) as well "pdshow.txt" in "Cisco works log" starts with " Pid    = 6804" in the first line so at least 2 lines are missing in this file along with Tomcat and Apache output which definitely should be listed.

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