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LMS 2.5.1 and the discovery IP filters

It seems like the "Ip Address Range" in the "Discovery Settings" does not limit the discovery to the specified range, if a router, which is being discovered, has IP addresses on the interfaces that are not reachable for the LMS, the LMS still tries to ping them, even though those IPs are outside of the scope of the specified range. It also tries to ping the IP addresses configured in the static NAT statements on that router (?). The allowed range is specified as 10.[224-227].*.*

Maybe this is a designed behavior?


Re: LMS 2.5.1 and the discovery IP filters

If you see ICMP traffic (ping), that is probably coming from Device Fault Manager, and that is a designed behavior.

DFM pings all interfaces (to check status) of managed devices.

Discovery (part of Campus Manager) does not ping, it performs SNMP polling.

The filters are for Discovery only, they are not used by DFM.

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Re: LMS 2.5.1 and the discovery IP filters

thanks for info.

I looked around the config of DFM and did not see any similar filters. There is a "rechability settings" in the "Polling Parameters" that can be disabled. Will give it a try.

One more question, the LMS 2.5.1 device support doc. for the Campus says that User Tracking functionality is supported for c1711 routers (just via ARP, there is no mac-table on 1711), there is about 80 of them on the network and no host/IP/mac info is showing for them.

Thanks again

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