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LMS 2.5 - 3 questions re. configurability & CM startup

A number (3) of problems with LMS2.5 - would be great if someone could answer any of them:

1) DFM Event sets, Notification Services - lack of granularity

I am finding that LMS 2.5, DFM 2.0 is far less configurable than the previous version DFM 1.2.5 in LMS 2.2.

I have set up an Event Set for Event 12. 1018 Description: OperationallyDown Severity: Critical and have called this Event Set A. Using Event Sets: Create sets of events to monitor for notifications.

I have then gone into Notification Services, Notification groups and set up a Notification group called: All Routers, and associated it with Event Set A. I have then selected all my routers from RME and added them into the Notification group. Then I have gone into Email Notification, setup an Email Notification of All-Routers-down, and put my email address in the E-mail Recipients box.

As a result of this I get email notifications about all Critical events on our routers, but I cannot restrict these notifications to just "OperationallyDown" events.

In the previous version I could, and only received email notificaitons for OperationallyDown devices.

2) Re. Alerts & Activities - lack of granularity again.

In DFM 2.0, LMS 2.5, I have configured some Views for the Alerts & Activities display. I have found that I can only configure Views on the basis of the type of device. THere is the defualt All Alerts View whioch shows all alerts for all devices. In addition to this I have configured an "All Catalyst4000" View, and an "All Catalyst 6ks" View, but what I really would like to do is configure an "All OperationallyDown" View and I cannot. This was possible in the previous version of DFM and was extremely useful. If anyone can help it would be much apprectiated.

3) More seriously - I am running JRE 1.4.2_08 and am not able to start Campus Manager, Topology Services. Below is a digest of what I get in my Java Console startup, which is followed by a message saying: Cannot Connect to ANI Server, cehck that ANIServer5.0 is runnign and restart CampusManager. Can anyone help? needless to say ANI server is running at the time.

Celia Hollingworth


Re: LMS 2.5 - 3 questions re. configurability & CM startup

I can only take a guess at number 3:

- is your CiscoWorks server dual homed?

- is there a firewall between the server and the client?

- try disabling the proxy setting on the client and see if it helps

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Re: LMS 2.5 - 3 questions re. configurability & CM startup


Thanks for the reply. Your answer re. the firewall was correct. A couple of my firewall guru colleagues (Ian Stubbs & Alex Butcher) sorted it and I was just about to email the list when I spotted your reply. There are others on the list who were having similar problems and I suspect they were for the same reason. Put simply you may have to open a couple of ports on the server firewall.



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