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LMS 2.5 6513 Campus Data Collection Problem

I have recently completed an install of LMS2.5 but user tracking will not display hostnames/IP's for any of the sites that we have 6513's installed. I know that this is down to an ARP issue, the problem is that although Campus Manager Device Discovery detects the device, Data Collection returns no info for it. Any ideas how to resolve or where to start looking?


Re: LMS 2.5 6513 Campus Data Collection Problem

first you should check if LMS has the correct snmp community for those devices (Campus - Administration- SNMP settings);

If the entries are correct open 'Device Center' (LMS HomePage -Device Troubleshooting)

enter the IP address of one of the devices, click go;

down left in the new frame you have some tools, choose something like 'connectivity Tools' (can`t remember in detail) choose 'Management Station to Device' and test SNMP read connectivity. In the OID field type 'system' (just the string, no quotation marks).If it fails, change the preassigned value in the SNMPread community field to the one you know it is correct.

If this still fails you should consider that there is no access list / firewall in the communication way.

Also here is a good conversation that could help you troubleshooting the issue:


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Re: LMS 2.5 6513 Campus Data Collection Problem

I have tried these troubleshooting ideas already and have I also read the mentioned post before starting this. I retried the steps mentioned in this reply and those from the other post but am still having no sucess. Are there any more ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 2.5 6513 Campus Data Collection Problem

You should first check the make sure this particular switch is supported by your version of Campus Manager. Verify the sysObjectID of your 6513s are in fact supported.

Once you have verified that, check your Data Collection filter settings to make sure that these switches are not being excluded from Data Collection.

Next, export the DCR data from one of these switches, and make sure that the SNMP credentials are accurate. Note: if these switches are in hybrid mode, make sure the MSFC is in DCR, and its credentials are correct.

Finally, if you still cannot determine why these switches/MSFCs are not being data collected, enable core and corex Data Collection debugging, run a new Data Collection, and trace the devices through the ani.log.

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Re: LMS 2.5 6513 Campus Data Collection Problem

I raised a TAC for the same problem (albeit with 6509's), and was told to upgrade to LMS 2.6. I did this and it then picked up the end host info for the 6509s when it hadn't been before.

Im sure theres a more graceful way of resolving this but either TAC couldnt be bothered to tell me or there simply isnt any better way.

LMS 2.6 is a huge improvement on previous versions IMO so worth upgrading to if possible.



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