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LMS 2.5 - Basic Device Management Questions

Hi all - I have a customer who is getting increasingly frustrated with the device management within LMS 2.5 after using Campus and RME for a few years without problems.

We have the following questions for which we cant find a fix for:

1. They use DNS to manage name resolution for all devices - however if a device is discovered which wasn't in DNS and the DNS is subsequently configured - how do we get LMS to update the device so that it is showing DNS name, not the IP address - Is it a delete and add?

2. When deleting a device inside common services is it recommended to delete from RME, Campus and the central store? We have tried various combinations of this and all result in the device not being re-discovered and having to be added manually.

3. Is there anyway to force a synchronization of devices between CS/RME/Campus as we seem to wait an age for this to happen sometimes - although it does always get there, RME and Campus have the same number of devices.

4. We did an upgrade from the old RME 3.5 - how do we modify/delete/add to the old RME device groups. They can be viewed under group administration within Common Services admin and can be used within RME but are now out of date. New groups created under the CS@hostname within the same area work fine.

Thanks in advance for any help


Re: LMS 2.5 - Basic Device Management Questions

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Re: LMS 2.5 - Basic Device Management Questions

Thanks for the response, I'm afraid the links don't answer the questions. (It does state to delete from central repository but not the rediscovery issue).

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