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LMS 2.5 How to reduce ARP interval

Can the frequency of ARP requests be reduced in LMS 2.5? Thanks

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Re: LMS 2.5 How to reduce ARP interval

Is arp what you are asking about? arp is used to resolve the IP address of a remote host to a MAC address. It's behavior is generaly governed by your host's operating systems not an application on it (i.e., CiscoWorks LMS). Normally, most LMS communications would be with remote switches and routers and would use proxy arp via the LMS host's default gateway. In either case, once commuincations are established, the arp entries are cached locally by the OS and not usually a cause for subsequent network traffic per se.

Is there a specific problem you perceive that leads you to ask this question?

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Re: LMS 2.5 How to reduce ARP interval

Thanks for the reply. I did a "debug arp" on my 2950 and it showed continuous (appeared continuous) ARPs from the LMS server to all the 2950s in my network (via vlan 1). I thought perhaps I could reduce the ARP frequency via LMS. My network is flat: many 2950s homed to 6500 core. LMS connected to 6500.

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Re: LMS 2.5 How to reduce ARP interval

One could postulate that during initial disocvery, LMS might ARP all your 2950s - but not afterwards becasue they'd be in the arp cache. Has LMS's Device Credentials Reposotory (DCR) been populated with all your 2950s and associated correct credentials? (assuming LMS 2.5+).

Do the 2950s appear in the LMS host's arp cache? For a solaris host, the arp cache should stay populated for 20 minutes (I believe) before timing out. you could opossbily experiment with use of static arp entries for a 2950 or two to see if that affects what you are seeing.

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