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LMS 2.5 - SSH 0: Unexpected mesg type received

I have configured RME 4.0 to use SSH as its preferred protocol for all archiving (config, software etc). I constantly get errors logged and the action is to check the credentials and whether the device can be managed. All my devices are IOS and support SSH (all except one supports SSH 2.0).

The AAA config on each device is the same (from a script) so I know it works, I have even checked manually by logging into the devices using PuTTY SSH and using the User Account that CiscoWorks is configured to use.

Logged on all the devices that are failing are messages like this:

Oct 28 16:46:24.530: SSH2 0: Unexpected mesg type received

Oct 28 16:50:34.055: SSH2 2: Unexpected mesg type received

Any ideas?


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Re: LMS 2.5 - SSH 0: Unexpected mesg type received

SSH is not configured completely. Try with the following commands.

cry key zeroize rsa

hostname RouterA

ip domain-name

crypto key generate rsa


ip ssh time-out 15

ip ssh authentication-retries 3

username cisco123 password cisco321

line vty 0 4

transport input ssh

loging local

Refer to

Re: LMS 2.5 - SSH 0: Unexpected mesg type received


That is pretty much what is configured on all the SSH capable devices, although I use RADIUS Authentication instead of local users.

ip domain-name

ip name-server


crypto key generate rsa modulus 1024


ip ssh time-out 120

ip ssh authentication-retries 3

Some of the newer devices require a slightly different command to generate the RSA key (usage keys general I think)


Re: LMS 2.5 - SSH 0: Unexpected mesg type received

I have given up with SSH on LMS 2.5 (or at least in RME 4). It was so intermittent it was not worth leaving it enabled. For the small number of hosts LMS 2.5 is managing I would get about 50% failing with the message logged on the device:

Nov 22 13:29:51: SSH2 3: Unexpected mesg type received

I have reset the protocol order in RME so that SSH is now last in the list and guess what? no more failures?

Cisco must know this is a problem with RME 4? Is it likely to be fixed in the forthcoming LMS 2.5(1) release?


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