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LMS 2.5 - Topology Link Fault

Has anyone else had difficulty with Campus manager topology map not showing links between switches? The first step, CM device discovery list each of the switches as being neighbours, but when I run the second step, CM data collect these switches are listed without neighbours.

CDP is fine as well as SNMP. Logs dont seem to helpful.

If anyone else has a similiar problem can you list your hardware\link config. I have a problem with 6509 linked to Catalyst 3750G-12S over redundant layer 3 etherchannels.


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Re: LMS 2.5 - Topology Link Fault

I managed to beg for a test lab complete with 6509 and 3750G-12S's which have been causing the fault above.

Through a process of elimination I've found that my problem has been a result of loopback addresses assigned to both the 6509 & 3750 (OSPF). Regardless if I select 'Use reverse lookups' in Campus manager or not as soon as I shut down the loopbacks on each switch CM data collect will recognise each as neighbours. As soon as I issue the 'no shutdown' command fault re-occurs. This is also with or without etherchannel setup.

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