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LMS 2.5 User Tracking not updating automaically + duplicate rec

Platform LMS 2.5, CM 4.0SP2 and UTU 1.1

Switch 6509, SUP720, IOS 122-18.SXE2

Only when forcing an UT acquisition, or due to the daily major acquisition the list of end hosts are updated.

What actions are actually performed by the minor acquisitions which I have set to be scheduled every 10 minutes? I can not see any changes in the user tracking report.

With a sniffer I have verified that the Windows PC/Servers are sending UT information (UTLite33) on port UDP/16236 to the LMS server, and on the LMS there is a task listening on UDP/16236 - verified with netstat -na. But the list newer updates.

The devices are all connected to the same core switch, no other switches or routers are in play.

One (1) server are listed 3 times, with the same username/IP/MAC address - the only difference is the last seen time. One of records updates as part of the forced acquisition but the two other are just left unchanged.

I have tried wiping the ANI database and starting all over again, but the result is the same.

Any suggestions?

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Re: LMS 2.5 User Tracking not updating automaically + duplicate

Looks like you are running into bug id CSCsb22036:

same records present several times in user tracking

There is a patch available by contacting TAC, and the fix will be in Campus Manager 4.0.3 (available in a month's time)

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