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LMS 2.6 - Campus Manager


I was using LMS 2.2 till today. Now i use LMS 2.6 and i've a question about Campus.

What is the difference between Device Discovery and Data collection ? In LMS 2.2 the 2 things were done in a unique process.

What is the interest of having 2 different process. In my case i have to do more works

I've to define seed device and Ip range for device discovery and also I've also to define ip address range in data collection filter. (the same as in device discovery)

May be i don't use the best way to do it ?



Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 2.6 - Campus Manager

The Discovery process was broken out of ANIServer as we are moving away from a CDP-only discovery (non-CDP discovery is coming in LMS 3.0.1 due out in December).

Device Discovery is simply another method of populating DCR. Discovery has not bearing on Campus Manager's ability to manage devices. Discovery runs, and uses CDP, ILMI, and ELMI to build a list of devices. When Discovery completes, all reachable devices that it found will be sent to DCR.

Data Collection is the process by which Campus Manager manages devices (i.e. puts devices on the Topology Map). Data Collection is performed on all devices in DCR by default, but you can filter out specific devices using Data Collection filters.

You can think of Data Collection in LMS 2.6 as Discovery in LMS 2.2.

You do NOT need to ever run Device Discovery in LMS 2.6 to use Campus Manager. Discovery is merely another method of populating DCR. Other methods include adding devices manually, importing from NMS, or importing from file. Any of those methods will put devices in DCR which will then be managed by Campus Data Collection. Once Data Collection is run, then User Tracking acquisition can run, and find end hosts on the network.

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