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Community Member

LMS 2.6 Discrepancy report

Do you know if it is possible to clear all the discovered discrepancies and start from scratch? It seems to retain obsolete information.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 2.6 Discrepancy report

The Discrepancies are not persisted to disk. If you restart ANIServer, then number of Discrepancies will go to 0. Every time Data Collection is run, the Discrepancy list is rebuilt from current network data.

Community Member

Re: LMS 2.6 Discrepancy report

I reboot CiscoWorks server from time to time. Each reboot, ANIServer is restarted. However, obsolete information never go away.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 2.6 Discrepancy report

Yes, it does. After restarting, but before a new Data Collection is run, the counter will be 0. After a Data Collection completes, then the Discrepancy counter will reflect what Data Collection thinks are current Discrepancies on the network.

If you are seeing Discrepancies that you think are invalid, you may have a device bug, or a configuration problem. In that case, it is recommended you open a TAC service request with the Discrepancy details and device configurations so more analysis can be done.

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