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LMS 2.6 SMTP Exchange

Hi there,

I configured a syslog automated action with action type: e-mail (err_disable port). The ciscoworks box is on a secure network, it needs a smtp relay to go outside. The smtp was installed on a win2003 server on the same secure network. The smtp server has a second nic configured to reach outside the secure area with a static route. It can reach my exchange 2003 server. I trigged the action on a switch, the syslog collect it, the e-mail is sent (I check the smtp log in /CSCOpx/log/smtp.log), I check the smtp log of my relay server and the mail is recieved then sent to my exchange server.

I didn't recieved any mail on my exchange account (I check also in the spam folder). I configured the automation to send the mail to a yahoo mail account and it worked.

How can I solve this, is there a fix to that?


Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 2.6 SMTP Exchange

What version of RME and Common Services do you have? There were some bugs with Exchange in earlier versions of Common Services, but these were fixed. However, it sounds like this is a problem with either your Exchange config or you intermediate SMTP relay. What do your Exchange logs say about the mail sent from the relay? The Exchange server may need to be configured to accept email from your relay.

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Re: LMS 2.6 SMTP Exchange

Hi Joe,

The versions are : CS 3.0.5 and RME 4.0.5

I forgot to mention that I already tested the relay by hand from the ciscoworks server, with the same CiscoWorks Email ID: that I configured on CS/Admin/System Preferences. It went well. Also, I configured DFM notification to send to the same address critical traps and it went well too.

The problem only occurs with syslog automation.

Thanks for your answer.

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 2.6 SMTP Exchange

All known Exchange bugs are fixed in these versions. Your best bet right now is to enable a sniffer trace filtering on tcp/25 between the CiscoWorks server and the relay and then between the relay and the Exchange server to see what the differences are between the working and non-working emails.

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Re: LMS 2.6 SMTP Exchange

Sorry for wasting your time , it was an outlook issue. It put all the messages in the deleted items. I put a new rule/filter in and it's ok.

Have a nice weekend

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